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Wedding DayShannon + EricSeabirds Kitchen || California



Shannon + Eric were inspired by nature and found an outdoor ceremony location that was surrounded by lush greenery.  The Fullerton Arboretum fit the bill perfectly! For their reception they gathered a small group of their friends and family at Seabirds Kitchen and dined on the best vegan food in the city and danced the night away outside! Congrats you two!!! Thank you for having me be a part of your beautiful wedding day!

Ceremony Venue: Fullerton Arboretum || Reception + Catering: Seabirds Kitchen (so good!!) || Day of Coordinator: Klink Events || Florist: Little Hill Floral Designs ||  Cake Artist: Golden Mean Vegan || DJ: Angel of Extreme DJ || Hair and Makeup Artist: Blush Bt M. Marie || Wedding Dress: Blush Bridal Couture / Martina Liana|| 2nd Photographer: Austyn

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Wedding DayJennica + SergioGreen Gables Wedding Estate || California


Jennica + Sergio’s romantic wedding was filled with touching moments, long hugs and a dance floor that kept even me dancing the whole night! And now that they are returning from their honeymoon, I’m excited to share a small part of the day!

Venue: Green Gables Wedding Estate || Coordinator: Joelle Charming || Florist:  The Dainty Lion || Hair: Claudia Carbajal – Annie’s Hair Club || Makeup: Patricia – Friend || DJ: Eric of Extreme DJ || Cake Artist: Tania, Cakelicious Tj || Wedding Dress: Archive Bridal Boutique in Carlsbad, CA. Designer is Essence of Austrailia, with custom alterations by Archive Bridal || Ceremony Music: De la Motte Strings ||

20160311-green-gables-estate_0002 20160311-green-gables-estate_0003 20160311-green-gables-estate_0004 20160311-green-gables-estate_0005 20160311-green-gables-estate_0006 20160311-green-gables-estate_0007 20160311-green-gables-estate_0008 20160311-green-gables-estate_0009 20160311-green-gables-estate_0010 20160311-green-gables-estate_0011 20160311-green-gables-estate_0012 20160311-green-gables-estate_0013 20160311-green-gables-estate_0014 20160311-green-gables-estate_0015 20160311-green-gables-estate_0016 20160311-green-gables-estate_0017 20160311-green-gables-estate_0018 20160311-green-gables-estate_0019 20160311-green-gables-estate_002320160311-green-gables-estate_0020 20160311-green-gables-estate_0021 20160311-green-gables-estate_0022 20160311-green-gables-estate_0024 20160311-green-gables-estate_0025 20160311-green-gables-estate_0026 20160311-green-gables-estate_0027 20160311-green-gables-estate_0028 20160311-green-gables-estate_0029 20160311-green-gables-estate_0030 20160311-green-gables-estate_003220160311-green-gables-estate_0031 20160311-green-gables-estate_0033 20160311-green-gables-estate_0034 20160311-green-gables-estate_0035 20160311-green-gables-estate_0036 20160311-green-gables-estate_003820160311-green-gables-estate_0037
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New Meeting Space in Denver – Denver Wedding Photographer

While living in California, I shared a studio with one of my best friends in the industry, and was sad to move away, but excited for the new changes. After over a year of working from home, I knew I needed a little piece of community back. If anything, I needed a place to meet couples that didn’t involve scoping out a restaurant and arriving up to 2 hours early just so we could be guaranteed a table the moment they arrived! Yep, I did that more than a few times. 😉

So this month I joined a co-working space in Denver called Union27! Temporarily we are using a rad space at the Taxi Building (Drive Building #2) called WiMi Spaces. And when I say it’s rad I mean it! It’s like a industrial loft, but without the parking issues of a downtown location. They even allow dogs, so Milo is going to be joining me every chance I get!  This space is for other creatives, and the future location is just for those in the Wedding Industry. You know, the crazy people that love weddings so much they want to be at one every other weekend?  Yeah, that’s me. 

I can’t wait to have a meeting here and I hope to meet some Denver couples planning their 2016-2017 wedding. Coffee/Tea and Trader Joe’s Snacks on me! 

Kate + Cory – Loveland Pass Anniversary Session – Dillon, Colorado

Last week, Kate and her Husband, Cory joined me in Dillon, Colorado for a drink and snow portraits. While I’m “new” to Colorado, I feel like I’ve been one with the snow for years. Weird, right? Well for the last two years I’ve spent most of the Spring/Summer/Fall months traveling around the US, so most of my experience with Colorado is with a foot of snow on the ground. You tend to learn quickly how to layer and to always keep gloves and a hat in your jacket.  California family, it’s not that bad, really. I would take snow over 110 degree summers ANY day! Plus, sweater weather. I never actually knew what sweaters were for living in Southern California…and now I own enough for a small village. 😉

Kate + Cory eloped 5.5 years ago, and 4 years ago on New Years Eve they partied with their closest friends and family. But a blizzard got in the way of them having any outside photos of the two of them, so this winter they decided to change that! We explored Lake Dillon for a short time and then drove up the Loveland Pass to finish the session with a beautiful snow storm going on around us. They were amazing in the freezing temperatures and hid their hand-warmers well!

Dress and Fur: Nordstrom Wedding Suite  || Suit: Mens Warehouse  || Hair: Royal Salon  || Flowers: Twigs and Posies  || Rings: Kassab Jewelers || Photographer: Candice Benjamin Photography

Elizabeth + Steve – Garden of the Gods Club and Resort Wedding

Every time I’ve worked for Kara of Kara Pearson Photography my jaw spends a lot of time on the floor. Her weddings are stunning, and I love watching her interact with her couples. It’s always refreshing to watch how other photographer work, and Kara is perfect at capturing raw moments.  I had the honor of helping her photograph the wedding of Elizabeth + Steve at Garden of the Gods Club and Resort, along side Park Floral and A Vintage Affair

Laura + Dustin – Shade Hotel Wedding – Manhattan Beach, California


Laura + Dustin are the perfect couple to end my 2015 wedding season! They are both sweet, soft-spoken, amazing souls that just bring smiles to everyone they encounter. Their first look brought tears to my eyes, and watching them enjoy their first married sunset with toes in the sand made my heart grow. Without giving too much away, their wedding day was one for the books….and perfectly planned by my girl Jen of First Pick Planning.

Venue: Shade Hotel || Coordinator: First Pick Planning || Florist: Paradise Delight || Hair: Workshop Craft Hairdressing, Emily von Tress || Makeup: Rob Rumsey || Cake: Susie Cakes  || Coffee Cart: Cappuccino Man || DJ: Vox DJs – Andy || Videographer: Perry Field Films || Wedding Dress: Kenneth Pool, Glamour Closet in San Francisco || Officiant: Michael Thieling– Great Officiants || Linen: Luxe Linen || Invite + Print Materials: Jasmin Michelle Designs ||