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Family SessionBoulder Family SessionChautauqua Trail || Boulder, Colorado


I have a confession. I’ve lived in Colorado for over 2 years, but this session was my first family session in this beautiful state. Crazy, right? I’ve photographed numerous couples, weddings, events…but no family sessions. While I’m traveling I book family sessions quite often, but never in my home town. So when I met Jeanette and her beautiful family, I was thrilled she wanted to update her family photos!

We met up at the Chautauqua Trailhead (I need to learn how to pronounce the name!) in Boulder, Colorado and spent the last hour of sunlight playing red-light-green-light, making animal sounds (okay, mostly me), and enjoying the crazy beauty that is Colorado.

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Joshua Tree National Park Couple Session – Kyle + Kirsten


During a week long trip to Joshua Tree, I had the pleasure of photographing a few sweet couples at Heck Yeah Photo Camp. One afternoon they put together styled couples for us to photograph and try out the tips we have learned. With only 3 couples and over 100 photographers it was a challenge to say the least. (They had 4 fashion models as well – but lets be real, I love photographing love)

For me, I just wanted the couples to feel comfortable and loved. It’s scary to get your photo taken, let alone have 20+ photographers surrounding you and most of them only able to take the lead for 1 minutes at a time. For the few minutes I had with each couple, they made magic happen. Thank you Kyle + Kirsten for opening up, not being afraid to show a little love to your other half, and Kirsten…I want that coat. 🙂

The two other couples will be up soon!

Kate + Cory – Loveland Pass Anniversary Session – Dillon, Colorado

Last week, Kate and her Husband, Cory joined me in Dillon, Colorado for a drink and snow portraits. While I’m “new” to Colorado, I feel like I’ve been one with the snow for years. Weird, right? Well for the last two years I’ve spent most of the Spring/Summer/Fall months traveling around the US, so most of my experience with Colorado is with a foot of snow on the ground. You tend to learn quickly how to layer and to always keep gloves and a hat in your jacket.  California family, it’s not that bad, really. I would take snow over 110 degree summers ANY day! Plus, sweater weather. I never actually knew what sweaters were for living in Southern California…and now I own enough for a small village. 😉

Kate + Cory eloped 5.5 years ago, and 4 years ago on New Years Eve they partied with their closest friends and family. But a blizzard got in the way of them having any outside photos of the two of them, so this winter they decided to change that! We explored Lake Dillon for a short time and then drove up the Loveland Pass to finish the session with a beautiful snow storm going on around us. They were amazing in the freezing temperatures and hid their hand-warmers well!

Dress and Fur: Nordstrom Wedding Suite  || Suit: Mens Warehouse  || Hair: Royal Salon  || Flowers: Twigs and Posies  || Rings: Kassab Jewelers || Photographer: Candice Benjamin Photography

Carly + Zack – 1 Year Anniversary Session – Bishops Peak Couple Session – San Luis Obispo, California

A year ago today, Carly + Zack tied the knot at Disneyland. It was such a fun day filled with the sparkly bridesmaid dresses, happy family, friends that partied so hard the roof actually fell down (really), and riding Disney Park rides at 2am. We even had an empty Disney Castle for couple photos….where I shot one of my favorite photos ever. It was a day I will never forget and feel so lucky to have been a part of it.

So when Carly contacted me about doing anniversary photos in San Luis Obispo a few weeks ago, I jumped at the idea. A little hiking at sunrise? Down. It was such a unique experience and I’m blown away by my couples ability to pick amazing locations!

Congrats you guys, and I can’t wait to help you guys capture every year from here on out! <3 

Sarah + Buck – Sunflower Field and Estes Park Anniversary Session – Estes Park, Colorado

Sarah and her husband Buck were planning on taking a vacation in the beautiful state of Colorado, so they reached out to me for a very special anniversary session. Sarah is a wedding photographer based in Washington, DC so it was an honor to have her in front of my lens. We started the day down the road from Sarah’s family home…in a field of sunflowers. And ended the session with perfect morning light in Estes Park. Yeah, I’m okay waking up at 5:30am for that. 😉

Christy + Wes – Cache La Poudre River Anytime Session – Greeley, Colorado

Earlier that morning, I was prepping for an all day chat with Christy. It involved a coffee run, cleaning up dog toys, lighting candles, making sure my home was welcoming and what I would want to walk into after flying a thousand miles. Christy flew out from Wisconsin with her husband to have a mentoring session with me and recharge.  It was such an honor to be even considered a “teacher” of something, anything.  

I loved sharing what I learned over the years, and my favorite part of the day was photographing her and her husband! With thick clouds threatening to cut our sunset time short, we headed down the road from my house to one of my favorite locations. We ran though fields, battled mosquitoes (I might of lost that one), and chased the pretty golden light.