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Longmont Engagement Session – Taylor + Jon

I’ve been meaning to share this fun engagement session for some time! Taylor + Jon visited Colorado last month for the National Western Stock Show and we knew we needed to meet in person and have a fun little session before the wedding day! I learned a little about cattle, and loved photographing in Vickland Show Cattle in Longmont!

Jon + Taylor are getting married in Texas this May and I consider myself lucky to be the one to photograph it! Taylor is a fabulous photographer herself and her smiley personally totally shows up in her photography! 

Fort Collins Winter Couple Session – Dylan + Marc

As soon as snow hits the ground up here in Fort Collins, Colorado, my mind goes wild. Couples hiking the covered snow tops, warm mugs of coffee, blankets to keep warm, and brisk walks with the twinkling lights that always grace the trees. So I was really excited for the lovely couple session that was in the works. Dylan and Marc drove down from Boulder and we explored just a small part of Fort Collins. We started in Old Town Fort Collins, and spent the last few minutes of sunset on Coyote Ridge.

Andrea + Jason – Evergreen Alderfer Three Sisters Park Engagement Session – Evergreen, Colorado

Evergreen holds a special place in Andrea + Jason’s life, and especially the area around Alderfer/Three Sisters Park since it will be the new neighborhood they will call home. Plus, just look at that barn! I had to pull myself away just so we didn’t spend the whole afternoon there! So we spent the session joking, playing with Boone (Or Boon-Boon as I started calling him), and trying to stay warm on this amazing sunny Colorado winter day.

Later this Summer these guys will be tying the knot in Durango, Colorado — in a fun, weekend-long event! So excited to be making the trip up there for the wedding!

Walking Colorado One Trail at a Time – Devil’s Backbone Loveland Colorado

Last weekend, Jay, Milo and I went walking. I could lie to you and say hiking, but lets be real here, I don’t think Milo’s little legs are quite mountain-dog status yet. He’s just getting used to the crazy cold snow on the ground. 

About 3 minutes from Jay’s work, there’s an open space called Devil’s Backbone. As soon as you drive up to the parking lot you can see why, with dinosaur-bone like rocks jetting up the hills. It’s pretty cool and reminds me of a mini Garden of the Gods. We only walked about 2 miles, but once spring time comes I can see us going even farther…one day maybe we will be crazy and walk all the way to Lory State Park in Fort Collins (that’s like 20 miles) since it all connects!  

I really want to experience more of Colorado this year, any dog-friendly trails that you guys recommend? 

Kate + Cory – Loveland Pass Anniversary Session – Dillon, Colorado

Last week, Kate and her Husband, Cory joined me in Dillon, Colorado for a drink and snow portraits. While I’m “new” to Colorado, I feel like I’ve been one with the snow for years. Weird, right? Well for the last two years I’ve spent most of the Spring/Summer/Fall months traveling around the US, so most of my experience with Colorado is with a foot of snow on the ground. You tend to learn quickly how to layer and to always keep gloves and a hat in your jacket.  California family, it’s not that bad, really. I would take snow over 110 degree summers ANY day! Plus, sweater weather. I never actually knew what sweaters were for living in Southern California…and now I own enough for a small village. 😉

Kate + Cory eloped 5.5 years ago, and 4 years ago on New Years Eve they partied with their closest friends and family. But a blizzard got in the way of them having any outside photos of the two of them, so this winter they decided to change that! We explored Lake Dillon for a short time and then drove up the Loveland Pass to finish the session with a beautiful snow storm going on around us. They were amazing in the freezing temperatures and hid their hand-warmers well!

Dress and Fur: Nordstrom Wedding Suite  || Suit: Mens Warehouse  || Hair: Royal Salon  || Flowers: Twigs and Posies  || Rings: Kassab Jewelers || Photographer: Candice Benjamin Photography

Elizabeth + Steve – Garden of the Gods Club and Resort Wedding

Every time I’ve worked for Kara of Kara Pearson Photography my jaw spends a lot of time on the floor. Her weddings are stunning, and I love watching her interact with her couples. It’s always refreshing to watch how other photographer work, and Kara is perfect at capturing raw moments.  I had the honor of helping her photograph the wedding of Elizabeth + Steve at Garden of the Gods Club and Resort, along side Park Floral and A Vintage Affair

Samantha + Joe – Glenwood Springs Engagement Session – Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Sam + Joe are just like me, out of state transplants that got bit with the Colorado bug and moved across the country on a whim. How could you blame them? Colorado is filled with nice people, endless mountains, and winters that are just as fun as the summers. 

These two met in Vail and after living there and in Denver for a few years…they decided to call Glenwood Springs their home. I had the pleasure of photographing them in their new hometown, and we chased the changing leaves while enjoying the perfect fall weather. 

Next summer these guys are getting married in the city where it all started…in one of my favorite locations I’ve found while exploring Colorado, Piney River Ranch. You guys know how to pick a location, that’s for sure!

Sarah + Buck – Sunflower Field and Estes Park Anniversary Session – Estes Park, Colorado

Sarah and her husband Buck were planning on taking a vacation in the beautiful state of Colorado, so they reached out to me for a very special anniversary session. Sarah is a wedding photographer based in Washington, DC so it was an honor to have her in front of my lens. We started the day down the road from Sarah’s family home…in a field of sunflowers. And ended the session with perfect morning light in Estes Park. Yeah, I’m okay waking up at 5:30am for that. 😉

Christy + Wes – Cache La Poudre River Anytime Session – Greeley, Colorado

Earlier that morning, I was prepping for an all day chat with Christy. It involved a coffee run, cleaning up dog toys, lighting candles, making sure my home was welcoming and what I would want to walk into after flying a thousand miles. Christy flew out from Wisconsin with her husband to have a mentoring session with me and recharge.  It was such an honor to be even considered a “teacher” of something, anything.  

I loved sharing what I learned over the years, and my favorite part of the day was photographing her and her husband! With thick clouds threatening to cut our sunset time short, we headed down the road from my house to one of my favorite locations. We ran though fields, battled mosquitoes (I might of lost that one), and chased the pretty golden light. 

Kelsey + Dan – Denver Country Club Wedding – Denver Colorado Wedding Photographer

Even before I walked into the Denver Country Club, my jaw dropped when I saw the beautiful reception tent. I might of even danced a little bit when I saw my favorite chairs. Yes,  I nerd out over nice chairs. Throughout the day, I didn’t stop dancing. Kara of Kara Pearson Photography invited me to help her photograph the wedding of Kelsey + Dan, and I’m so grateful to have been a part of such a beautiful day. One new thing I learned about is a Southern Tradition of burying a bottle of bourbon! You can read more about it below:

Southern folklore says that if you bury a bottle of bourbon at the site where the bride and groom are to be married it won’t rain on their wedding day. According to many believers, this must be done exactly one month before the wedding, the bottle must be completely full, and it must be buried upside down to ensure maximum weather persuasion. Rain or shine, the bottle should be dug up post-ceremony and enjoyed with the bridal party, making this a win-win tradition no matter the skies.” —SouthernWeddingTraditions.com

This tent made me swoon!