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Family SessionBoulder Family SessionChautauqua Trail || Boulder, Colorado


I have a confession. I’ve lived in Colorado for over 2 years, but this session was my first family session in this beautiful state. Crazy, right? I’ve photographed numerous couples, weddings, events…but no family sessions. While I’m traveling I book family sessions quite often, but never in my home town. So when I met Jeanette and her beautiful family, I was thrilled she wanted to update her family photos!

We met up at the Chautauqua Trailhead (I need to learn how to pronounce the name!) in Boulder, Colorado and spent the last hour of sunlight playing red-light-green-light, making animal sounds (okay, mostly me), and enjoying the crazy beauty that is Colorado.

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Cecilia + Tony + Baby { Southern California Maternity Session }

Tony + Cecilia are the reason why I have my Disneyland pass today. Years ago, we met up for their engagement session at the park, and now I get the honor of photographing a new addition to the family!!! Jay and I had such a great time with them, chatting about people watching, dodging kids with a mad sugar high and ending the session with one of our favorite activities; having a beer in California Adventure. (Well, Cecilia had to pass this time, but not for much longer!)

Stahl Family { Romona, California Anytime Session }

First post of 2013, kinda cool right? Really, every day I’m working I feel so incredibly lucky and blessed to continue to do what I love. And when other photographers contact me about getting portraits themselves…it makes me have a mini dance party in my office.

Allison Stahl is a wedding and portrait photographer in Northern California that is just the sweetest person ever. Her and her husband made the drive down to San Diego to visit family and set up an afternoon to capture a few family photos. After shooting a few very pretty family photos, I took Allison and Dale aside to photograph just the two of them. Even though I love meeting new families, my heart is extra happy when I’m photographing couples. It just feels right.

Natalie + Ethan { Holiday Session 2012 }

My couples might recognize Natalie…she’s one of my favorite second shooters and I’ve been working with her for also two years now! She’s the perfect mix of sarcastic, talented and silly…just my cup of tea. 🙂

Natalie also has the cutest son ever, so I was SO happy when she pushed me to do mini sessions this year (you guys can thank her for starting this!).  Hands down this is my favorite “family” session ever. How can you go wrong with pretty light, simple location, and a fellow photographer that knows how to bribe her kid. 😉




Andrea + Andres + Baby Levi { Pasadena Maternity Session }

You guys might remember The Dre’s from last year. Last year I photographed their engagement session, bridal session + Wedding. After all that, they are a serious pro in front of my camera now…and hanging out with them is something that makes my insides extremely happy. They are the type of couple that invite me over for dinner, meet for brunch and just text about what is happening in our lives. Andrea know just as much about my love life as I know about hers! Lol.

Earlier this year Andrea texted me and told me they were pregnant. I remember the exact moment because I was just waking up and out of excitement dropped my phone directly on my face.  After freaking out with happiness (insert mini-dance-party here with ice-pack)…I realized I was so lucky to be able to become so close to my couples and continue following them after the wedding.

Durring the shoot Andrea was about 7 months along…so I get to meet little Levi soon!


P.S. Thanks Jay for helping me out durring the shoot! You are the best camera-bag-holder-ever. <3

Anytime “Family” Sessions

I’m a little scared to write this post, but I wanted my couples to know that yes, I photograph family sessions. But I’m not a “family photographer”. I follow my couples, starting with the engagement session and hopefully keeping the party going until little ones are going to high school.

Again, I’m different than a normal family photographer. I won’t be trying to sell a canvas or sell each individual photo to you. That’s just not my style.

How it works:

1. You book me for a Family Session on a Monday-Friday.
2. We hang out for an hour in a really cool location.
3. Kids will be kids…they might not pay attention to me, but it’s okay.
4. I might put a shoe on my head. Just let it happen.
5. 4 weeks later you will get a link to your full gallery and a DVD in the mail.

If you want a canvas, awesome. Email me and let me know.