Family SessionBoulder Family SessionChautauqua Trail || Boulder, Colorado


I have a confession. I’ve lived in Colorado for over 2 years, but this session was my first family session in this beautiful state. Crazy, right? I’ve photographed numerous couples, weddings, events…but no family sessions. While I’m traveling I book family sessions quite often, but never in my home town. So when I met Jeanette and her beautiful family, I was thrilled she wanted to update her family photos!

We met up at the Chautauqua Trailhead (I need to learn how to pronounce the name!) in Boulder, Colorado and spent the last hour of sunlight playing red-light-green-light, making animal sounds (okay, mostly me), and enjoying the crazy beauty that is Colorado.

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  • Larissa said:

    Totally love the red-light-green-light one! Such beautiful pictures!

  • So many fantastic smiles and you did such a lovely job of capturing them!

  • Elizabeth Weitz said:

    ahhh, these are beautiful! I love that last image!!

  • Jennie said:

    Beautiful session Candice! This should help get you more family sessions CO if you want them!

  • gwen said:

    Such a joyful family session! Nice!

  • Erin witt said:

    I am blown away! These are so unique and beautiful! You captured beautiful moments that look real. Amazing!

  • Erin Knabenbauer said:

    Love the light in these photos. Especially love the last one of the whole family from the back.

  • Taylor Fisher said:

    Oh my goodness, there is just so much emotion and sweetness in this shoot, I can barely handle it! Stunning shots, Candice!

  • Michele with one L said:

    Absolutely gorgeous images! What a beautiful family, and so much fun!!

  • Melissa said:

    Beautiful family session - love how natural they look!

  • Monet said:

    For not doing many family sessions nailed this! Wow! So many beautiful and genuine moments captured. What treasures.