Hsu Family SessionQuail Hill || Irvine, California

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  • Jamie Kraus said:

    These are so stunning. I love the light and connections everyone has with each other. It is so great that they were able to incorporate aspects of their culture as well!

  • Sunshine Lump said:

    Wow!! These are gorgeous!

  • Amanda said:

    What beautiful images! Those aviator sunglasses and hat are too precious. They will love these!

  • beautiful pictures! I love the colors, candid expressions, and the mini hot air balloon for the baby. You do amazing work capturing fun candid family photos!

  • This is such a cute family/ birthday session! Love the traditional outfit their little one wore and then the hot air balloon as well! Love this so much! Great work! :)

  • WONDERFUL! As in, these are so full of WONDER!! I adore this whole session -- the setups are absolutely perfect in concept and execution -- LOVE!!

  • Larissa said:

    That light is to die for! These are gorgeous! Love that balloon set up! So cute!

  • Jennie said:

    What a beautiful, fun session--I love these!

  • Willy said:

    These are such beautiful photos! love the precious moments with the whole family and the gorgeous styling and details with the hot air balloon!

  • Crystal said:

    Oh my gosh! Love. Love. Love. This family is adorable!