Andrea + Andres + Baby Levi { Pasadena Maternity Session }

You guys might remember The Dre’s from last year. Last year I photographed their engagement session, bridal session + Wedding. After all that, they are a serious pro in front of my camera now…and hanging out with them is something that makes my insides extremely happy. They are the type of couple that invite me over for dinner, meet for brunch and just text about what is happening in our lives. Andrea know just as much about my love life as I know about hers! Lol.

Earlier this year Andrea texted me and told me they were pregnant. I remember the exact moment because I was just waking up and out of excitement dropped my phone directly on my face.  After freaking out with happiness (insert mini-dance-party here with ice-pack)…I realized I was so lucky to be able to become so close to my couples and continue following them after the wedding.

Durring the shoot Andrea was about 7 months along…so I get to meet little Levi soon!


P.S. Thanks Jay for helping me out durring the shoot! You are the best camera-bag-holder-ever. <3