Wedding Day Audrey + AndrewCafe Pinot || Downtown Los Angeles, California


Audrey + Andrew’s wedding was such a lovely reminder of why I love California. Great weather, mind-blowing florals, and light that I want to pack up and bring with me to Colorado. We started the day in an Airbnb overlooking Downtown LA, complete with 360 window light…and made our way to the Disney Concert Hall for a tearful first look. One thing that I absolutely love about the Disney Concert Hall is the lighting mid-day, no matter the time it makes for beautiful images!

Coordinator: Dapper Events by Lizzy Liz || Ceremony: Our Savior Catholic Church || Portrait Location: Disney Concert Hall || Reception: Café Pinot || Videographer: 3stars&risingsun || Florist: Flower Allie || Cake: Patina Catering || DJ/Performer: Invisible Touch | Sean Gallagher || Hair and Makeup: Yuri Sinata || Wedding Dress: The White Dress, designer Reem Acra ||Lighting: TMMPRO | Jack Hou ||

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  • Ashley said:

    Candice, these are incredible! I am always blown away at your beautiful tones and consistency. Lovely wedding!

  • Candice, you are amazing! Everyone one of these shots is incredible. You are seriously the most talented wedding photographer I have ever met.

  • Deziree Dufresne said:

    Candace, you make Cali look amazing! You capture the light and the emotions perfectly! Such gorgeous work!

  • Gorgeous wedding! Beautifully photographed, too!

  • Sunshine Lump said:

    Simply STUNNING!! Your detail photos are to die for and you really captured this couples personality. The first look photos are amazing!

  • i love how vibrant and timeless all of your work is candice, this is seriously stunning! and those fireworks, amazing!

  • Cara said:

    These are stunning. Love how bright these are!

  • Jill said:

    Beautiful details! And first look. Everything. You are so talented. ;)

  • Jennie said:

    Wow Candice these are stunning! From the venues to the colors to their love, beautiful, beautiful work.

    I will take that concert hall and those floral any day!

  • Jessica said:

    Wow, this wedding is stunning! You did an amazing job, Candice! These are so beautiful!

  • I am completely blown away by how gorgeous these are! Your work is amazing!

  • Audrey said:

    The wedding went by so fast. We are so lucky that we had you to capture our special day. You did a phenomenal job! You are so talented Candice!! Love you and love your work :)

  • Oh my goodness, these are perfection!!! So beautiful. Love the light and consistency in your work. Every shot is so skillfully done. :)