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Christy + Wes – Cache La Poudre River Anytime Session – Greeley, Colorado

Earlier that morning, I was prepping for an all day chat with Christy. It involved a coffee run, cleaning up dog toys, lighting candles, making sure my home was welcoming and what I would want to walk into after flying a thousand miles. Christy flew out from Wisconsin with her husband to have a mentoring session with me and recharge.  It was such an honor to be even considered a “teacher” of something, anything.  

I loved sharing what I learned over the years, and my favorite part of the day was photographing her and her husband! With thick clouds threatening to cut our sunset time short, we headed down the road from my house to one of my favorite locations. We ran though fields, battled mosquitoes (I might of lost that one), and chased the pretty golden light.