Andrea + Andres { Orcutt Ranch Los Angeles Wedding }

I don’t think you guys are ready for this. This is the sweet DIY queen of weddings…

Andrea and Andres are the type of couple that I just want to take home with me. When I first talked with Andrea and she shared with me her bridesmaids dresses, and then her inspiration within 2 emails…I knew we could be bffs. But more importantly, she was doing everything herself. Legit DIY In 9 months. Eric the DJ and I were the only “vendors” that Andres and Andrea hired for their wedding. Everything else was from family, friends, Etsy and thrift stores. And darn it they did goooood.

To make it even better, their venue – Orcutt Ranch in Los Angeles – is a dream venue. I could shoot there every day and twice on Tuesdays. No joke. You can always find good light and the houses are amazing to shoot in. I HOPE my future couples fall in love with it…because I want to shoot there again and again.

Even if you put the mind-blowing details and location aside…Andrea and Andres are just good people. We could talk for hours about religion, love and life. I started calling them both Dre on the wedding day, and they knew exactly who I was talking to. Andrea finished my sentenced even before I started saying them. You know that scene in Bridesmaids where Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph would just look at each other to communicate? Well that was Dre and I. They just got me, and I loved them both to pieces.

I totally cried at this moment. Actually, I basically had to fight happy tears all day…and I’m ok with that.

Andrea is amazingly sweet. She made me and my team placecards. I know…amazing.

I have something extra special for all of you guys (ok, so the 10 of you that read my blog). Andrea and Andres were the first couple to get video thru me. You heard that right, video.

I’m working with Kiera of Jakfoto Productions (she did my promo video) and offering Highlight and Fusion Video for my couples. I get to work with an awesome videographer, and she doesn’t have to fight a photographer to get the best shots. We work together to get the best of both worlds. Plus her work is just so darn pretty.

And the Dre’s don’t even know about THIS video….their Fusion video is still in the works. Surprise guys! 🙂

Wedding Highlight Video: Andrea & Andres from jakfoto productions on Vimeo.


IF that wasn’t enough…you can see more on the slideshow or watch it below:


P.S. I know your mind was just blown. It’s what I try to do. I couldn’t of done it without the help of Niall, Kiera and Ami – Thank you!


  • Erica said:

    These photos are amazing. The video felt so perfect. It was as if I was watching a trailer for a movie. Wow!!

  • lori said:

    the pics are great and so is that video!!!! totally made me cry. love the brides details, so sweet and heartfelt!

  • Beatrice said:

    No fair! Adorable couple! Awesome details AND Kiera shooting vid! OMG! The absolute best...hats off to you girls! For real!! to ally made me cry and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

  • Um yeah my mind was blown! WITH CUTENESS!! Love your stuff Candice!

  • Way to go girls, I'm totally bawling!!! Beautiful photos and video <3

  • Guiselle Dickson said:

    Wow! What an amazing job you did for the Dre's! Not only was the Bride and Groom the cutest couple I have ever seen and I am not just saying that because Andrea is my That was some of the most amazing photography and videography (is that a word? have ever seen!!! You are absolutely amazing and oh so talented. If this doesn't blow your mind away then you don't have one! Superb!

  • Kari Jeanne said:

    Wow - so incredible. The photo's were beautiful but the emotion and feeling and spirit of their wedding day that you captured in the video is beyond words. I don't even know this couple and I had tears in my eyes watching!! Seriously, AMAZING!!!

  • these images and that video brought me to tears. inspiring, full of love and so heartfelt. amazing job!! <3

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