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Out of the Office: Vacation to Kauai, Hawaii

It’s been 3 years since I got on a plane without my camera gear, and while I love being able to travel to so many unique places in the name of love, my heart yearns for sandy toes and a light carry on bag.

So this Sunday Jay and I are going just that. We are taking a week off to explore a little island that I know only in fond memories. Recharging, hiking to waterfalls, drinking Mai-Tai’s on the sand, reading, and spending time with family are top do-to items. 

For those that feel burnt out, I get you. I ask you today to find a open week in your calendar, even if it’s a year out…and mark it. Take a permanent black marker and color it in so much you aren’t even sure what dates are behind it. You might be tempted to move the dates around a bit if the “perfect job” comes in,  but trust me when I say Murphy loves making vacations nonexistent. Because if you are anything like me, in the moment your life is just too crazy to “take time off”.

You need it to be creative.     

A look back: 2014

2014…what can I say. It was a crazy good year. I became a wife, photographed 34 weddings, traveled to 2 countries, 10+ states, and packed up and moved to Colorado with my husband + two cats that I think would be much happier plotting world domination.

Thank you. Thank you for letting me into your lives and not running away when I dance like no one is watching. My favorite images this year have a theme…laughter, rad locations + love. Because if you cant laugh at the fact that you are making out in front of complete strangers with a photographer cheering you on…I’m not sure we could be friends.

It was impossible to include everything, in fear of breaking the internet. Really though, I started with over 600 images…and painfully brought it down to where my browser wouldn’t crash into a fiery death. Grab a bottle of wine, put aside 2+ hours in your calendar and enjoy.