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Vi + Danh – Korakia Pensione Engagement Session – Palm Springs, California – Part 1

Vi + Danh, how do I even start? They not only flew to Palm Springs for their engagement session, but they chose one of my favorite locations in all of the city. Korakia Pensione is a relaxing resort with so many nooks and crannies…it’s easily a photographers paradise. We spent a few days relaxing by the pool, eating Thai food downtown, chatting next to the fire for hours, and getting extra excited for their wedding in Philly next year.  I captured so many beautiful photos I’m splitting their blog post into two! That or I just had a really hard time picking my favorites….

Hair: Jen Plus Colour 

Audrey + Andrew – Laguna Beach Engagement Session – Laguna Beach, California


Audrey + Andrew…or A2 as I shall call them from now on, were such a blast to hang out with during their engagement session! When we were brainstorming for their session, we came up with a few ideas; nerf guns, picnics, flowwy dresses in the water, flower crowns…the list goes on. While we might of not done everything, what we did photograph was nothing less than magical.  We photographed everything around the Montage in Laguna Beach, and lucked out with not only the weather, but the crowds.

(( Also, we found this white wall in the parking lot….and I fell in love. One day I would love the challenge of photographing a whole session with only a white wall + great light + fun props. ))

Samantha + Joe – Glenwood Springs Engagement Session – Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Sam + Joe are just like me, out of state transplants that got bit with the Colorado bug and moved across the country on a whim. How could you blame them? Colorado is filled with nice people, endless mountains, and winters that are just as fun as the summers. 

These two met in Vail and after living there and in Denver for a few years…they decided to call Glenwood Springs their home. I had the pleasure of photographing them in their new hometown, and we chased the changing leaves while enjoying the perfect fall weather. 

Next summer these guys are getting married in the city where it all started…in one of my favorite locations I’ve found while exploring Colorado, Piney River Ranch. You guys know how to pick a location, that’s for sure!

Kiersta + Kevin – Portland, Oregon Engagement Session

I first met Kiersta randomly at a wedding up in Fort Collins, Colorado. I was photographing bridesmaids bouquets when she popped up and said “You’re Candice Benjamin, right?” at this point I was kinda scarred…I was 2nd shooting and my 1st goal is for people to not know who I am. And this bright eyed bridesmaid knew who I was? I smiled, shook my head and quickly went on my way….extremely flattered but not wanting to “get into trouble”. 

A few months later Kiersta emails me and tells me she’s also a photographer/graphic designer, has been following me for years and wants me to photograph her destination wedding in Punta Cana. Um, yes?

If that wasn’t enough a dream, they asked me to travel up to Portland, Oregon for their engagement session. We spent the entire day chatting, eating, laughing, and I really enjoyed being shown around their new home state. Kevin is also the coffee king (he has a setup that would put Starbucks to shame!!), so of course we started the session with homemade lattes. Heaven. 

Gold Dress: Rent The Runway || Hair + Makeup: Powder Inc. || Flowers: Sammy’s Flowers ||

Laura + Dustin – San Francisco, CA Engagement Session

Laura + Dustin are tying the knot this weekend so I wanted to share a few of my favorite images from their San Fransisco engagement session! We started at the Palace of Fine Arts and ended at Baker Beach! You would never expect to have such a clean backdrop on Labor Day weekend, but things just fell into place beautifully! 

Brooke + Nathan – Paramount Ranch Engagement Session – Malibu, California


Some of you guys might recognize Brooke, she’s been my assistant for the last year! When I was hearing talks of this new guy….Nathan…I could see Brooke just light up. They met at Church, cleaning up puzzle pieces on stage, and I love how much they involve God into their life + love. I knew it was just a matter of time and I’m so incredibly honored to photograph their wedding day.

This last spring we visited Paramount Ranch in Malibu and explored the old filming grounds. I love the fact that Nathan spends every weekend hiking around the area, and after the shoot they introduced me to one of their favorite dinner spots!

This Saturday they are completing the puzzle (see what I did there?!?!) and becoming husband and wife! I can’t wait! See you guys in a few days!

Tamara + Ryan – Boston, MA Engagement Session

Tamara + Ryan are getting married in Sonoma, California next year, so when they mentioned having me fly to Boston my heart tried to jump out of my body. It’s been years since I visited the historic city, and on this trip I even had a few hours to explore (and eat my weight in seafood) before meeting up! 

We started walking around the neighborhood, and then ended the session in the Back Bay. I was in awe of the history surrounding me, and I could easily see why they made Boston their home. <3

Sarah + Buck – Sunflower Field and Estes Park Anniversary Session – Estes Park, Colorado

Sarah and her husband Buck were planning on taking a vacation in the beautiful state of Colorado, so they reached out to me for a very special anniversary session. Sarah is a wedding photographer based in Washington, DC so it was an honor to have her in front of my lens. We started the day down the road from Sarah’s family home…in a field of sunflowers. And ended the session with perfect morning light in Estes Park. Yeah, I’m okay waking up at 5:30am for that. 😉

Jennica + Sergio – Myrtle Creek Garden and Nursery Engagement Session – Fallbrook, California

Jennica and Sergio have been together for 12 years, and even though some of that time was long distance, they are the type of couple that goofs around and loves on each other without restraint. As a photographer of love, this kinda thing makes my day. 

Cuddles are awesome yo. 

We started at Myrtle Creek Garden + Nursery in Fallbrook, California…and found out the company also owned Green Gables Wedding Estate (it’s where Jennica and Sergio are getting married next march!). The nursery is one of those locations where you can take 1/2 a day and just sit in the garden, it’s so relaxing and peaceful. If I didn’t live out of state I would of also taken a few plants home with me! The same owners run Twin Oaks House and Garden + Green Gables Wedding Estate

Justine + Jonathan – Downtown LA – Engagement Session

Earlier this year I met up with Justine + Jonathan in my old stomping grounds, Downtown LA. 🙂 They planned a beautiful session around two of their favorite short films: Paperman + Blue Umbrella. 

This August they are having a down to earth, nerd-tastic, wedding at a private estate in Los Angeles! I cant wait to see what they come up with!

Ashleigh + Shannon – Horsetooth Reservoir Engagement Session – Fort Collins, Colorado

Ashleigh + Shannon are Colorado locals that love music, craft beers + nature. Basically, all of the best stuff Colorado has to offer. So when we met up for their engagement session out here in Fort Collins, we tried to make their engagement session filled with those three things. Well, the beer part was after the shoot, but that still counts, right? 

We had such a fun time exploring the land behind Horsetooth, Lory State Park. Can you believe it’s only a short drive from Fort Collins? 

So the crazy thing about Colorado is that weather can change every 5 minutes. We started the shoot with thick clouds, then a few minutes later we were blessed with a perfect clear sky for a good hour. It’s kinda exciting if you ask me. By the end of the shoot we were running back to our car to dodge a HUGE thunder/lighting storm that was passing over the Horsetooth Reservoir.

These guys are actually getting married tomorrow in Monument Hill, Colorado so I wanted to share their session before the fun day!