I have a lot of people ask about my prices. Now, being a budget (but quality) minded person myself, I can totally understand the concern for saving money on your wedding day.

My thoughts are as follows:

Can you go back to that beautiful venue the day after your wedding and just hang out?
Is the food and cake going to matter after it has been cut and eaten?
Can you wear your wedding dress to the office? (So…I might….but that’s another story)

Photography is the only thing that will bring you back to the most exciting and memorable day of your life. A photo will help you remember those emotions and details that most will forget a few years down the line. And what will you show your children when they grow up? What about their grandchildren?

Growing up,  I would sit on my Nana’s couch and go though 20+ years of memories. I was able to see what it was like to live in the 60′s, see my grandparents get married, my parents grow up and get married themselves. I cherish those worn books, and I loved them even more when my cousins and I were being filled with them.

I also believe that your photographer should also become a friend. Someone you feel comfortable with during your most important emotional moments, and someone you can trust.  A friend will make sure you look amazing on your wedding day, hired help will just do their job. I want to be a friend.

Wedding coverage starts at $3500 and portraits start at $400.

For Destination Weddings within the US, I charge a flat travel fee of $600. I also let my couples split travel costs if more than one wedding happens in the same area.  For weddings outside of the country contact me, I promise I don’t bite!

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