About Me

I’m a quirky photographer (aka big nerd) and wouldn’t have it any other way. Yeah, Sci-Fi and Video Games are my jam.

I’m a wife, a photographer, and every part of me loves photographing true love. When I first started 5+ years ago, I jumped in feet first just knowing this is what I was meant to do. All these years later, I still cry at weddings. Something about capturing real moments pulls at my heartstrings, and it makes me feel so blessed to be able to give that to so many amazing couples.

For 2015, I’m accepting weddings that are a celebration of love. My style works best with people that are open, love nature and schedule at least 45 minutes for golden sun filled portraits. Feel free to send me an email if that’s exactly what you are looking for.

My husband
Couples madly in love
Silly jokes
Goofy faces
Random dance parties where you don’t care who is watching
Nature…yeah I love it that much
Golden Light
Diet Coke
Friend/Family Officiants
Meaningful details
Quiet moments where you feel like your heart is filling up
Zombie movies (Zombieland is my favorite!)
Video games
Rental house/backyard weddings (Thats what Jay and I did!)
On time hair/makeup artists
Being in the middle of nowhere
Exploring new places


Harsh light
Big Wedding Parties
Stuffy Weddings (gotta have FUN!)
Uninvolved Grooms
Brides that pick a dress without thinking of how they will move around
Fountains, train tracks, crowded beaches, waterfalls (the fake ones)
Dark Ballrooms
Dark ceremonies locations
Pushy People
Driving to 5 million locations on the wedding day


*Photo by Sarah K Chen