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Shruthi + Mike { La Canada Descanso Gardens Engagement Session }

Shruthi and Mike are pure naturals in front of the camera. I don’t know if it’s because they just feel so comfortable with each other, or because they are just that awesome. A few weeks ago we spent some time running around the Descanso gardens…one of my new favorite places to shoot. Ok…well anything with […]

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An exercise in crazy

So to lay it all down…I’m crazy obsessed with the look of film. In college I took one black and white photography class…learned how to load the film, shoot (badly) and develop the film myself. I dont know how I passed the class…oh thats right…I didnt. How ironic. A photographer that failed the only photography […]

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Shayda + Andy { Anaheim Oak Canyon Nature Center Engagement Session }

Shayda and Andy met up with me a few weeks ago at the Oak Canyon Nature Center and we spent the afternoon running around, climbing into bushes and having epic battles with spiderwebs. Other than the spiderwebs, you have no idea how much I love this place. My heart goes all pitter-patter for tress, and Oak trees […]

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Molly + Bret { San Dimas Anytime Session – One Year Anniversary }

Molly and Bret Married each other one year and two days ago. They were telling me that it rained on their wedding day, so when I woke up to the sound of rain on the day of their anniversary shoot…I thought they had the best luck ever. I was so pumped to shoot in the […]

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Matt + LaShawna { Sunset Cliffs San Diego Wedding }

Matt and LaShawna are simple, they knew what they wanted and that was to get married. With a pretty view and pretty flowers. They rented a house in San Diego, both bought a pair of Toms and invited their closest friends and family. After a 5 minute ceremony we walked down the street to the […]

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