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Once Upon a Wedding Shoot in San Dimas { Denise }

Not wanting to leave Denise out of the blog fun, I wanted to post a few of my favorites of her from the San Dimas shoot I put together a few months ago. Denise did an amazing job and I was speechless with the fierceness she gave to the camera. Since I was organizing the […]

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my second state this year

As I sit on a plane to Seattle and eat the pack of peanuts that always taste a little better than the stuff you eat on land, I think to myself where I have been and gone in the past three years. Sometimes I traveled because of my camera and eye, other times it was […]

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Denise + Randy { Mt. Baldy Engagement Session }

Denise and Randy are hands down the most sweet, adventurous people I’ve ever had the chance to meet. When we were brainstorming locations for their esession, Denise didn’t bat an eye at the idea of hiking though the forest. And Randy was all for it! We explored a spot on Mt. Baldy that I have […]

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FAQ – Second Shooting for Photographers

Let me start by saying this is the most I have ever written for my blog. Words and me like to fight it out. When I was in Seattle for CreativeLIVE, I had a lot of people ask if I could give tips on Second Shooting. I never realized I second shot a crazy amount […]

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doing what I love

I have huge news for you guys. Like “what were you thinking-you’re crazy” news. Well some people might know this, especially since I announced it live online for thousands of people to see…. I quit my full time job. The Monday I came back to work I was so scarred. Everybody could see a change […]

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