I'm a lover of color, family, love, laughter + sunshine.


I also live on coffee + tacos, but what mom of toddlers doesn't?1



About Me

Candice Benjamin
  • Candice Benjamin

  • Photographer
  • I’m a newlywed, sister, dog mom, and a wedding photographer who lives in sunny Colorado!

    I’m a lover of color, laughter, forehead kisses, warm embraces, golden light, and capturing the memories that you want your grandkids to see one day. I photograph moments not for the present, but for how you will look at them in 25-50 years. I believe in smiles, letting go of traditions that don’t feel personal, running though a field in your wedding dress, sparkly shoes, never turning down a bite of desert, whispering jokes into your husbands ear, and hugging your best friend for that extra second just to show how much you care.

    I love photographing weddings because, to me, they are a celebration of love. And really love is the best thing to surround yourself with.

My Family
  • My Family

  • Emotional Support
  • I'm a wife first, dog mom second, business owner third. Everything I do is for my family. Jay and I met though mutual friends and spent time together in a group setting for over a year before we went out on our first friends date. After a few friends dates I called Jay and asked him if he liked me -- if so he should probably kiss me! We dated for a little over two years before getting married in February 2014. Soon after we packed up our apartment in Fullerton, California and moved a few states over to Northern Colorado. Jay works as a Software Engineer/Analyst. I'm the artist and science/history lover, he's the math wiz!

    We rescued Milo in August of 2015, after my 10+ year love of all things Pugs. He was born in California (just like Jay and I) and we flew him to his new home in Colorado. He loves sleeping, his ball, pushing pillows off of the couch, and meal time. We also have two older cats, but they like to think of themselves as roommates more than family members.

My Style
  • My Style

  • Clean, Colorful, and Fun
  • My style is a mix of lifestyle, editorial, and candid photography. I guide my couples to the best light, let them play around and gently direct with actions rather than poses. You will never find me working off of a shot list, because I love to see what naturally unfolds in front of me. I'm not afraid to act goofy to get someone to laugh, share a bad joke or two, and I also know that sometimes the best photos are created when I can take a step back and pretend I'm not even there.

    I photographed my first wedding in 2009 and was hooked. 7 Years later and I've photographed over 250 weddings, made friendships that will last a lifetime and found my calling. I was drawn to the happy moments, unexpected emotion and photographing the love between two people. Connection is why I so love what I do, and it's important for me to have a connection with every person I photograph.

Northern Colorado Photographer located in Greeley, CO