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6 Things to do before a Photoshoot

Week before:

  • Go shopping!
    Photos are really improved when someone wears something new, freshly pressed and something they feel amazing in in. I don’t know about you, but new clothes always do this to me. Dress to flatter your shape, cover up what you don’t like and show off what you do. It depends where you’re having your photoshoot, but as a general rule (or suggestion), simple, bright, solid colors usually make a photo pop. If you know your shooting in a garden, try purples, yellows or blues to separate yourself from the green surroundings. When dressing a family or couple, never go matchy-matchy (same solid color polo-shirts) unless you want to have your photos look like something from Sears portrait studio.  A better idea is to use complementary colors when dressing multiple people or use a monochromatic color scheme (light blue, dark blue, blue-green etc.)
  • Walk around your house and find 1-2 props or items that mean a lot to you.
    That book that changed your life or that guitar you used for your first date. Or even small things like your grandmas locket or ring can make your photos that much more special. Start putting the props in a bag so you can just grab everything as you run out the door.  Also send me a quick email of what props you will be bringing.

Night Before:

  • Get plenty of sleep.
    Concealer and coffee can only do so much, and you don’t want to look sleepy in your photos. So get that 8 hours!
  • Drink a few glasses of extra water.
    When you’re dehydrated, it shows up on your skin. You want to look your best and work it!
  • Layout your clothes and put your props in your car.
    You don’t want to be rushing around the next day.

A few hours before:

  • Make sure you have plenty of time to prep or put on makeup.
    The right light can work wonders, but you don’t want to have to pay me to photoshop out that extra line of eyeliner that you smudged on in the car while you were driving to the meeting location.

But most of all, just have fun and don’t stress. A photoshoot with me is just like hanging out, you wont even remember me holding a camera after a few clicks. I try to play games to get your mind off the fact that a camera is in the area and act wayyy more goofy than you guys ever could. And you can always send me a quick email with questions or ideas, I will be more than willing to help you out.


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