Anniversary SessionShelli + JeremyPiney River Ranch || Vail, Colorado

  • Jennie Crate said:

    Shelli! You look beauTiful! Candice, great job with these--just beautiful and fresh!

  • Oh my, these are absolutely beautiful! Such a gorgeous couple in a beautiful location. Well done!

  • So lovely! Love this location and Shelli- you ROCKED that dress!

  • Willy Wilson said:

    Oh these are just so beautiful! What a gorgeous bride Shelli is and the location is breathtaking.

  • Shelli R Quattlebaum said:

    I know I told you the other night how much these pictures mean to me. But I will tell you again. I am so absolutely blessed that this all worked out so well this summer. You made my year!
    You are such a talented photographer, and I'm so thankful for you taking these images for us. We had an amazing time in one of the most beautiful locations in Colorado.
    Thank you a million times over!

  • Melissa said:

    This is so gorgeous! I Love the colors.

  • Deziree Dufresne said:

    These images made me want to sing about the hills being alive with the sound of music, they are so unreally beautiful!

  • Adena said:

    I adore these! Anniversary sessions need to happen more often. And the one of her looking over her shoulder...flawless.

  • Abigail O said:

    What a stunning session! These all all incredible Candice!

  • Bianca said:

    Oh these are gorgeous and Shelli is such a beautiful (Anniversary) bride!!! ;)

  • Amanda Tipton said:

    Stunning! I love those shots with the Boats!!!

  • savannah said:

    Oh how I love Piney. These came out lovely.. and Shelli, you look just stunning. <3