Joshua Tree National Park Couple Session – Kyle + Kirsten


During a week long trip to Joshua Tree, I had the pleasure of photographing a few sweet couples at Heck Yeah Photo Camp. One afternoon they put together styled couples for us to photograph and try out the tips we have learned. With only 3 couples and over 100 photographers it was a challenge to say the least. (They had 4 fashion models as well – but lets be real, I love photographing love)

For me, I just wanted the couples to feel comfortable and loved. It’s scary to get your photo taken, let alone have 20+ photographers surrounding you and most of them only able to take the lead for 1 minutes at a time. For the few minutes I had with each couple, they made magic happen. Thank you Kyle + Kirsten for opening up, not being afraid to show a little love to your other half, and Kirsten…I want that coat. 🙂

The two other couples will be up soon!