Kiersta + Kevin – Portland, Oregon Engagement Session

I first met Kiersta randomly at a wedding up in Fort Collins, Colorado. I was photographing bridesmaids bouquets when she popped up and said “You’re Candice Benjamin, right?” at this point I was kinda scarred…I was 2nd shooting and my 1st goal is for people to not know who I am. And this bright eyed bridesmaid knew who I was? I smiled, shook my head and quickly went on my way….extremely flattered but not wanting to “get into trouble”. 

A few months later Kiersta emails me and tells me she’s also a photographer/graphic designer, has been following me for years and wants me to photograph her destination wedding in Punta Cana. Um, yes?

If that wasn’t enough a dream, they asked me to travel up to Portland, Oregon for their engagement session. We spent the entire day chatting, eating, laughing, and I really enjoyed being shown around their new home state. Kevin is also the coffee king (he has a setup that would put Starbucks to shame!!), so of course we started the session with homemade lattes. Heaven. 

Gold Dress: Rent The Runway || Hair + Makeup: Powder Inc. || Flowers: Sammy’s Flowers ||