Sarah + Buck – Sunflower Field and Estes Park Anniversary Session – Estes Park, Colorado

Sarah and her husband Buck were planning on taking a vacation in the beautiful state of Colorado, so they reached out to me for a very special anniversary session. Sarah is a wedding photographer based in Washington, DC so it was an honor to have her in front of my lens. We started the day down the road from Sarah’s family home…in a field of sunflowers. And ended the session with perfect morning light in Estes Park. Yeah, I’m okay waking up at 5:30am for that. 😉

  • Sharee Davenport said:

    So fun and so colorful! That golden light with her golden dress is seriously breathtaking!

  • Elizabet said:

    Wow! Amazing dress...the shot of them on the road...the stunning!

  • Pamela said:

    Holy WOW! I dont even know what else to say. This session is stunning beyond words!

  • Jamie Kraus said:

    I love the vibrancy of the sunflower shots and the gentleness of the mountain photos. It's so great to have amazing photos from both locations.

  • Julie said:

    What? No way. These are too perfect! Her dress, the light, the landscape. Love!

  • Jennie Crate said:

    The shots where you can see the whole sunflower field are just phenomenal. Amazing session! I love their look and their chemistry!

  • Oh my gosh!!! I love this session so much! I love the sunflowers! I LOVE her dress! These two are adorable!

  • Chris Erin Loring said:

    Seriously now with that gold dress, wowowow!

  • Haley said:

    Wow! These are gorgeous! And you hit up quite a range of locations. That dress is beautiful too!

  • Erica said:

    What a beautiful couple! Those sunflower fields are amazing!

  • Corey said:

    Her dress is gorgeous! I love the mountain inspired images the most! The lighting and posing is perfect

  • Rebecca Walsh said:

    What a fun shoot! The color is amazing! Beautiful work!

  • Ashley McKenzie said:

    Candice, all of these are amazing, but I am soooo in love with the sunflowers...just gorgeous!

  • Keziah Kelsey said:

    BUT those wide shots in the sunflowers, doe!!!!

  • Miqui Miller said:

    Oh. My. Goodness!! Everything here is amazing. I love when clients are open to things...and I love her dress.

  • Rayna said:

    Absolutely stunning photos! I feel like they're right in the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park!

  • Flor said:

    What a GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS session! I love the sunflowers, love the rocks, love the mountain views, WOW her freaking dress!!!! I love every image of the post. Wonderful job.