Jennica + Sergio – Myrtle Creek Garden and Nursery Engagement Session – Fallbrook, California

Jennica and Sergio have been together for 12 years, and even though some of that time was long distance, they are the type of couple that goofs around and loves on each other without restraint. As a photographer of love, this kinda thing makes my day. 

Cuddles are awesome yo. 

We started at Myrtle Creek Garden + Nursery in Fallbrook, California…and found out the company also owned Green Gables Wedding Estate (it’s where Jennica and Sergio are getting married next march!). The nursery is one of those locations where you can take 1/2 a day and just sit in the garden, it’s so relaxing and peaceful. If I didn’t live out of state I would of also taken a few plants home with me! The same owners run Twin Oaks House and Garden + Green Gables Wedding Estate