Christina + Kevin { Downtown Los Angeles Engagement Session }

Christina + Kevin are the two busiest people I know. And thats coming from a self-employed workaholic. 😉 They both own/work in student prep centers over 50 miles apart, work insane hours AND still find the time to spend weekends together. Because they both work so far away from each other, Downtown LA has a soft spot in their heart. It’s the middle point for the two of them and where they will be looking for an place after their wedding. So when they mentioned wanting their engagement session in Downtown LA, I jumped right on it. The city also has a soft spot in my heart since I lived and worked there for many years. My only complaint is that I lived there pre-Target store.

In just a few weeks these guys are getting married in LA and I’m really excited to work with CCL Events again! Thanks to Cat I have the pleasure of photographing all the pretty they have in store!