Amanda + James { Muir Beach San Francisco Engagement Session }

Between moving and wedding session I’ve somehow forgotten to blog these two! This Saturday Amanda and James are getting married at Fenton Herriott Vineyards, up north in Placerville CA. We met up while I was staying in San Fransisco a few months ago, and for some reason we picked the busiest day of the year to shoot at Muir Woods. SO busy that we couldn’t find parking (within a 2+ mile radius) and had to explore the area until we stumbled on Muir Beach.

Muir beach was also extremely crowded, but by some grace of god right when we pulled up two parking spaces opened up just for us. The light was also way-too-amazing that afternoon.

Things I love about Amanda + James:

1. They love Doctor Who: In between shooting we would just switch from talking about our favorite Doctor to nightmares about the Angels.
2. They got engaged in a Library.
3. They are giving me almost 2 1/2 hours to photograph their portraits all over the city on Saturday. Thank-you-Yes-Please.