Joanna + Tim { San Dimas Lake Engagement Session }

Earlier this month Jay and I met up with Joanna + Tim; a couple that I’ve known for a little while and someone Jay has known for years now. It’s always interesting to photograph friends, and I love that they didn’t bat an eye when I mentioned wanting to bring a whole styled set up to their engagement session. If that wouldn’t do it, I thought they would definitely run for the hills after watching me MacGyver some Trader Joes flowers into arrangements 10 minutes before we hit the road.

Other than being down for all of my crazy ideas: Tim is the fittest guy I know that works for a children’s charity and Joanna is the sweetest, funnest girl that works for Theater I know. Together they make this perfect, goofy, romantic match. They are getting married this November in Southern California and I just can’t wait to see what they will come up with!

I mixed in a little film goodness from their session as well…as well as a few shots from Jay’s point of view.




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    LOVE the styling! Amazing!