Lizzie + Mike { Louisville, Kentucky Destination Engagement Session }

It all started with a 2+ hour phone conversation. For those who know me…that’s saying a lot. I’m the most awkward person on the phone you will ever talk to, and no matter how much I try to just talk like a normal person…my words just become this jumbled hot mess. It’s kinda like half of my brain just turns off when I don’t have a face to look at. So being on the phone for almost 2 hours….that just shows how easy it was to connect with Lizzie + Mike.

During that conversation, I learned that Lizzie + Mike live in Kentucky, they LOVE where they live and are relaxed, sweet, fun people. It quickly became a no-brainier that I would fly out there for their engagement session, so we planned a day exploring the city, eating really good food, checking out their favorite spots and getting a private tour of Churchill Downs. I was just a tad excited.

In less than 72 hours I managed to fly there and back,  shoot 2 engagement sessions, get a tour of the city, AND have an ice cream break. I’m excited for them to fly to my neck of the woods this July for their San Diego Destination Wedding!


  • Susan said:

    This makes Louisville look like the coolest city ever!