Rhianna + Andy { San Diego Point Loma Engagement Session }

Andy might look familiar, because he was the officiant for Victoria + Tim’s Wedding in Palm Springs last year.  Around that same time, I heard of Rhianna + Andy’s engagement…and was secretly hopping they would contact me. In the short time I spent around the two of them last year in Palm Springs, I got nothing but positive vibes. Relaxed, real, sweet and stylish. Just my cup of tea. 😉

Rhianna + Andy’s engagement session was a perfect reflection of that. We met up at their house in San Diego and drove down the street to a surf spot Andy visits almost every day. It was a perfect, relaxed session with a well behaved poodle, stylish clothes and bare feet.

They are getting married this October in San Diego, and I just know the wedding will be just as amazing and relaxed as their engagement session.

I also only fell once. An accomplishment for me.


  • Melissa Jean said:

    Eeek! This is my old stomping ground! I can see the baseball/tennis courts in the background! =)
    Wonderful shoot!