Kylie + Andrew { Laguna Beach CA Engagement Session }

Kylie + Andrew met Senior year of high school in a Calculus class. They have been together for almost 6 years now, and from the little time I spent with them I could see how they made each other so incredibly happy.  Kylie + Andrew are actually from Houston, TX and planned the engagement session around a yearly family vacation. Laguna Beach has a huge place in Kylie’s heart. Her family has been visiting Laguna every year for as long as she can remember.

I had such a great time photographing these two. I was actually really scared that their session was going to be rained out. The day before the session Southern California had a pretty sizable storm pass through…with hail and all. But the stars aligned and the very next day we didn’t have a single cloud in the sky.

Oh Kylie also has a really great food blog! I’ve been meaning to try a few of her recipes! Check it out!

Magical right? Well…right before we ended the session Kylie + Andrew were attacked by a huge wave! It came out of nowhere!