Natalie + Alex { Crystal Cove Engagement Session }

The thing I love the most about Natalie + Alex is all the constant laughing that they do together. You cant help but feel at ease around them start laughing yourself. A few weeks ago we spent the afternoon exploring Crystal Cove, starting near the beach where they run and ended the session just up the road at a hiking path they also spend a good deal of time at. I learned that day that Natalie is training for a 1/2 marathon and Alex is (crazy, but awesome) and training for a full marathon in just a few months. Mad respect. The day before the engagement session Alex ran 10 miles…so I was so surprised he could even make it up the hiking path. Because I almost couldn’t. lol

But that just shows how great these two people are. Even though we have only spent a few hours together, they instantly make you feel like friends. They even got me thinking about running again. 😉

Natalie + Alex are getting married this September at one of my favorite venues in Mission Viejo, Arroyo Trabuco.  I just cant wait to hang out with them again and get my monthly dose of laughing done in one day:)