Jessica + Tony { Sierra Madre Villa del Sol d’Oro Wedding }

Jessica (aka “Bubbles”) might look familiar. She’s a photographer herself and has been by my side assisting me for some time now. She’s seen me get all crazy when a caterer tries to deny me food, try to understand me when I make up my own language and has seen me sprint to the other side of a venue just for a photo. After all that…she’s my girl. (And I’m surprised she still wanted me to shoot her wedding! jk lol) I would do anything for her and Tony and I know they feel the same.

Early this month, I photographed her and Tony’s wedding at Villa del Sol d’Oro in Sierra Madre. It was freaking gorgeous. I’ve been watching Jessica plan this wedding for over a year, so by the time the wedding day appeared she was calm, gorgeous, and remembered every little tip she learned from assisting me.

Congratulations you two from the bottom of my heart! I <3 you two!!!

Venue: Villa del Sol d’Oro | Coordinator: Intertwined Events | Florist: Glendora Florist | Cake + Sweets Artist: The Cake Mamas | Makeup: Erika Guinn | Hair: Sweet Fuss Hair & Makeup | Dress: Vera Wang. David’s Bridal | Bridesmaid Dresses: Mariposa Boutique |

I might of kissed Jay for getting this shot….

Thanks to Niall for hanging out with the guys!

So…Tony wore a legit bow tie on his wedding day…and had no idea how to tie it. Lucky Jay’s (and my) new obsession with bow ties means he had a great tutorial on his phone.

Jessica asked me if she could do something other than touch Tony’s shoulder…um, yes! So she pinched his butt 😉

Jay just keeps on getting blog worthy shots…I think my motivation it working.

I don’t think Tony and his mom saw me capturing this…Tony was looking at his bride to be, and his mom was beaming at Tony. I loved it.

Jessica’s sister owns a bakery called The Cake Mamas, and Tony works as a baker for them…so instead of just one cake they had 4. I know. Amazing.


  • Absolutely in love with this couple!

    The cutest, sweetest, most lovely people - wishing you a long and happy marriage filled with tons of smiles and laughter!

    Lauren, Intertwined Events