Tamara + Chris { Malibu Zuma Beach Proposal }

Chris called me at 9am 4 days before he planned to propose to his now fiance. The first words out of his mouth were “are you doing anything Friday?” Luckily…by some grace of God Friday was the only day that week that I didn’t have anything scheduled. So after excitedly talking about his plans to propose…I made my way to Malibu on a Friday afternoon. Kiera of Jakfoto films joined me, complete with a huge beach umbrella, bathing suits and floppy sun hats…really…I was there just because I could wear a floppy hat and feel like an undercover spy. 😉

Tamara always wanted an engagement ring with a diamond from her mothers jewelry…so Chris did just that. It was also Tamara’s birthday, so Chris started by giving her a birthday gift. That gift was a her mothers necklace with the diamond missing. Before she could already realize what he did, Chris was already on one knee.

Jakfoto Films also put together the cutest video! I’m always a fan of video at a proposal…for some reason it just tells the story so much better!