Kaysha + John { Corona Lake Engagement Session }

So the last few weeks I’ve photographed 3 engagement sessions for other photographers…and I believe my blood pressure might be raised a little bit as a result. (…kinda kidding?) Kaysha is a super talented photographer herself, and John is an awesome video-game, Anime loving dude. They are the perfect mix of my two nerdy sides…so after just a few minutes they felt like old friends. Old-awesome-foodie-nerdy-friends. 🙂

Kaysha + John’s engagement session involved the most adventure I’ve had in a while since we started the session in a boat. On a windy day in Corona. We found out shooting in a boat is super pretty…but kinda hard to do gracefully. Luckly we made it to solid ground without fliping the boats or falling into the lake.

They also introduced me to Umami Burger after the session…so I’m forever in their debt.

I’m photographing their wedding this November at the San Juan Capistrano Franciscan Gardens…aka a photographers paradise in Southern California. Also this venue is on solid ground. 😉


  • Kaysha said:

    Thanks for everything Candice, your amazing!!

  • brandi said:

    You did a fantastic job capturing Kaysha and John! I love everyone of these! Can't wait for the wedding!