You got this…run fast

Monday I did a very scary thing. I photographed an engagement session for another photographer. The weeks leading up to the session I was crazy nervous. Shooting for a photographer is like writing a paper for your english teacher…they know all of the rules and might just have a red pen ready.

I know I’m extremely silly for being nervous…especially since Jessica has assisted me on wedding for the last year. She already knows how I interact with couples and how I’m super goofy. Heck, she even understands “Candice talk”.

Speaking of…so the first time she assisted me at the end of the wedding day I turned to her and asked her if she still wanted me to shoot her wedding. (Kinda as a joke, kinda not) She replied that she was even more excited for me to be there after seeing me work. I was floored.

…and wanted whatever she was having. 🙂

Back to Monday…luckily, as soon as we got to the field something just clicked. I went into auto-pilot-mode and my belly stopped performing circus tricks. I was shooting friends, not someone that knew every photo trick in the book. My nerves melted away and I started acting like my goofy self.

This is just a reminder to myself to just go with it. It’s okay to be nervous for a short while and feel like you don’t know what you’re doing…because really…you got this.


P.S. Thanks Jay for taking photos of me working. You are amazing.