Mya + Casey { San Diego Torrey Pines Engagement Session }

I seriously can’t get enough of Mya + Casey. They are the type of people you just instantly love. After a few emails and then a coffee date, I knew these guys would be a blast to hang around. Mya works at Starbucks and actually sends me bags of markdown coffee. Just typing that makes my eyes light up.

Every time I see a box from her I do a little happy dance and procede to make myself a cup of coffee. She’s responsible for about half of my productivity these last couple months.  My other couples thank you Mya 😉

And Casey is just so comfortable around Mya. Other than being a super laid back, sweet guy…He’s okay if Mya hides behind him whenever a camera is around and also doesn’t mind carrying her around on his back. Seriously, it’s just a thing…I never asked Casey to carry around Mya on his back, they just do it naturally. And I love it.

Plus they managed to laugh though 95% of their session. Made my job super easy. 😉

I’m crazy excited about their wedding this year. They are getting married in San Marcos at a little venue called Twin Oaks. So cute.