Liz + Ryan { Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding }

Liz and Ryan are the type of couple that makes me want to instantly put myself in their close group of friends. The first time I met the two of them was durring the engagement session last January…and they warmed my heart instantly. You can see the love radiate off of them.

Durring the engagement session I learned that they were planning on growing their own flowers and succulents. Ryan even built Liz her own greenhouse and a watering timer so durring her long shifts at the hospital she wouldn’t have to worry about her plants.  Oh, did I mention that they are also both in the medical field AND planning a wedding AND right after their honeymoon planned to do a Medical Mission together? Crazy, but even knowing them for a short time I knew everything would perfectly fall into place.

Everything in this wedding was created and done by friends and family. Not only did they help before the wedding date…but I stayed at the venue after the wedding was said and done (downloading cards) and watched all the family and bridal party members break down the tables and load them into a rental truck. I was floored at the love and suport surrounding Liz + Ryan. Everyone was so caring and sweet…I just wanted to put them in my pocket and bring them home with me. I can see that God plays a huge part in their lives, and I feel so so lucky that I could actually capture it through my lens. I <3 you guys and hope your medical mission is going well!!!

Venue: Oak Canyon Nature Center | Flowers: Gown by Liz, arranged by Mari Anne | Deserts: Vicky Bazanos | Hair/Makeup: Melissa Gilham | Dress: Beloved Couture | Bridesmaids: Anthropologie | DJ: Jolene Smith | Coordinator: Gail Lutton |


P.S. Thanks to Melissa + Jessica for your help!!!

  • This whole wedding is just stunning! I love everything about it, the colors, the decorations! their smiles!! Your photos captured it perfectly. :D

  • Marianne Werner said:

    Candice~ I have loved all of your beautiful work.....My Sister, Nancy has been sending them to me. Please include me in your email. I will never forget the day (you were very young)I saw you drawing....and I looked at your designs and told you to always follow what you loved to do. Well, you have followed your Dreams....and I am so proud of YOU ! So many Hugs ~ Aunt Marianne