A Postcard from January 2011

Today will be a casual Friday if you will. Kinda like when you’re allowed to wear jeans to the office…and your boss shows up in something from the 90’s. It might be awkward, but just let it happen.

Last month I received a postcard that I postmarked for January of last year. On that card, I wrote down my feelings about life and work:

“One year ago, you had 4 weddings booked, still worked at FIDM and stayed up till 3am every night editing. I hope you enjoyed life, took time for yourself and was true to yourself. Remember, no matter what you are an amazing person.”

<3 Candice from 1-19-2011

While I was reading my card, it felt like I was given a time machine and thrown back to that dim lit party with postcards covering the walls. It was a weekday, so I was sleepy from the day of work, but excited to be surrounded by so many “famous” photographers.

It was also the night I met Jasmine Star. She doesn’t remember this, but I gathered all of my courage to point out how much I liked her business card. We talked for a whole 30 seconds and I was shaking the entire time. I was such a dork. 🙂

Who would of thought that the person I was so scared of talking to would change my life and business in 4 short months.

So I’m going to send myself another postcard….but you will have to wait till 2013 to see what it says.

Since every post needs an image, here’s a teaser from Annika + Ryan’s Big Bear Engagement session. It was kinda epic.

  • Bethany Ann said:

    What a fantastic idea!! :) Love that image. Here's to a fantastic 2012! :)

  • What a gorgeous shoot! I love your work! Especially the photo of the save the date written on their shoes (GREAT IDEA!) and the couple walking away into the woods. Thanks for sharing!