Liz + Ryan { Mt. Baldy Hiking Engagement Session }

It’s super rare when I book a wedding without meeting the couple. Other than the obvious excuse to go out to eat, I really like to know who I’m spending time with and really want to get along. It’s important to me.

So when I booked Liz and Ryan, I just had a feeling that we would get along. Liz and Ryan are both in the medical field and the week after their wedding they are heading straight to a medical mission. How amazing is that? That and Liz is crafty, loves vintage rustic and speaks Etsy. They won me over without even needing to talk on the phone. So I met the two of them for the first time during the Engagement session. Did I mention how the session was planned for a cell-phone-free hiking area of Mt. Baldy? What could of turned out bad was instantly squashed and made amazing beyond belief. I instantly clicked with Ryan and Liz…they felt like old friends.

And to top it off Liz and Ryan are just so fun and cute together! Ryan is always smiling and doing what he can to make Liz laugh…while Liz is throwing those smiles and laughs right back at him. Sometimes you can just feel the happy off of people, and I’ve never seen anything greater with these two.

They are getting married this April at the Anaheim Oak Canyon Nature Center, and I really can’t wait for the wedding!

Side note: When I say they show their love on their sleeve I really mean it. I normally get individual shots of each person during the session, and every time they would look past me at the other person…each face would light up. Another reason why I love my job.