Catherine + Alex { Downtown LA Engagement Session }

Meet Catherine + Alex. They love food, messing with each other and basically being big kids at heart.

We spent the afternoon laughing and playing in Downtown LA and Chinatown. Oh and did I mention that they are so fun I almost couldn’t keep up? Between the tickle fights and moments of pretending to be a mannequin…they kept me on my glittery nail-polish-toes. They also introduced me to a dumpling house, which my taste-buds will forever be grateful.

They are getting married this February and just between us…I’m crazy excited for their wedding. I’m also flipin’ excited Kiera and Josh are going to be filming video by my side. It’s just like the Soy Sauce/Vinegar/dumpling combo I’ve gotten so addicted to.



  • Victoria N. said:

    What a great fun couple! Love the colors in these shots!

  • Kiera Faye said:

    Amazing colors, amazing couple! What a beautiful shoot. I just cannot wait for this wedding!! *awesomeness*

  • Awe, they look like so much fun! The photos are gorgeous :)