John + Leah { Palos Verdes Terranea Engagement Session }

What? I’m in New Hampshire for a wedding but I’m still blogging? Crazy, I know. Thats the power of the internet my friends.

A few weeks ago I was able to spend the afternoon with John + Leah, and we had a great time running around Terranea in Palos Verdes. John and Leah were amazing to hang out with. Leah brought the cutest heels and actually survived all of the walking that happens durring an engagement session. You’re stronger than me Leah!

Not very many people know this, but I actually lived in Palos Verdes for about 4 years. And in that time I realized two things…one that I really love driving next to the coast, and two: I think that cities that dont have street lights at night are crazy. Especially if that city is…you know… basically one giant cliff.

Anyways… luckily we weren’t shooting at night and I didn’t have to fear the cliffs. Actually, we were quiet safe at The Terranea…the last time I was here was when it was still under construction. Its’s such a pretty place and I hope to explore this place more in the future!

I’m also really looking forward to John and Leah’s wedding in January!

To see more check out the slideshow or watch it below:


  • Leah said:

    Thanks for the beautiful pics Candice! It was so much fun shooting with you; and boy, are you patient through my shoe(s) malfunctions...Can't wait to share with my F&F xoxoxo