Natasha + Kevin { Manhattan Beach Neptunian Woman’s Club Wedding }

The first time I talked with Natasha, she told me how much a eco-luxury wedding was important to her and how her and Kevin met. Because against all odds…Kevin lived in the East coast, and Natasha lived on the west coast. But on a random trip on the east coast, Natasha saw Kevin. And they started racking up the airline miles ever since then.

Fast forward a few years and they are pledging their lives to one another. All because of a flight and seeing each other across the room. If thats not destiny I dont know what is.

Their wedding day went off without a hitch. Since Natasha is a graphic designer, she designed all of the signs and printed materials for her wedding. And they were AMAZING…you know me…I have a soft spot for design.

For that extra icing on the deliciously designed cake…all of the vendors did an amazing job. Thank you guys for all your hard work, and thank you for giving me such pretty things to photograph!

Venue: The Neptunian Women’s Club
Coordinator: Lisa May of Pure-Luxe
Florist: Primary Petals
Cake: The Butter End
Makeup: Yoko Senesac

Congratulations Natasha and Kevin! Thank you for having me be a part of your wedding! <3

Since this is the first shot of the flowers I have a confession…I totally had a love affair with these flowers. I swooned every time I walked in a room and saw them, and wanted to take them home with me. Samantha did a fantastic job, and the flowers tied the entire wedding together. Seriously.

Since I was with the girls, Niall was able to shoo as many people away as possible and get this wide shot. Thanks Niall!

Instead of a normal sand ceremony, they mixed sand from each coast.

Thank you girl with the yellow bike. You helped create an awesome shot. Your pink scarf was also a nice touch…ride in front of my shots anytime. 🙂

And Lisa also rocked like crazy that day. Natasha really wanted great detail shots of the reception area, so Lisa had everything done really early and gave me plenty of time to photograph the room. And this room was so beautifully transformed it needed to be documented.

To see more, check out the slideshow or watch it below:


P.S. As always, a special thanks goes to Niall and Ami for their help that day!

  • These photos are so gorgeous! I LOVE the photo with the yellow bike!