Cecilia + Tony { Disneyland Engagement Session }

This engagement session was epic. It started with beers in California Adventure, and ended with ice cream at Disneyland Main street. But more importantly, Cecilia and Tony are just fun to hang out with. Tony loves Stone Brewing Co. like me, and they both love zombie movies. You heard that right…zombie movies and anything that has to do with zombie apocalypse . 😀

Other than being completely awesome, they also l.o.v.e. Disneyland. One of their first dates was at Disneyland, and its the one spot they go to relax and hang out. They love it so much that they even motivated me to get my own annual pass. We took an afternoon and explored Disneyland and tried our hardest to not get into trouble….

Cecilia was rockin’ a tea-cup dress, so of course we had to take a photo in front of the tea cups. 🙂 Next time we are going to actually get in the moving cups!

To see more, check out the slideshow or watch it below: