Eilis + Dave { Los Angeles Natural History Museum Engagement Session }

Last week I was able to spend the afternoon with Eilis and Dave, and managed to check out the new Dinosaur exhibit at the same time. And I call that multitasking at it’s finest.

Eilis and Dave wanted something different, something that you couldn’t find everywhere. They wanted not only their wedding, but their engagement session to be a refection of who they are as a couple. I know…deep.

When I met the two of them for the first time, Dave mentioned shooting the engagement session at the Natural History Museum in LA. It was such a great idea I almost thought it couldn’t happen…but Eilis was on it. She knows what she wants and I love them for that. 🙂

I really look forward to their wedding at the University of Redlands next July.

To see more check out the slideshow or watch it below:


  • Kristine said:

    OMG! Who knew you could do an engagement shoot at the Natural History! Genius!!!

  • Kristine said:

    OMG! Who knew you could shoot an e-session at the Natural History! LOVE IT!

  • Hoami said:

    Hi there!

    I just want to send compliments to your photos! Love them.

    I was wondering if I can ask you regarding the Natural History Museum shoot you did for Ellis and Dave. I assume all three of you had to pay for admission right?

    Was there any extra fees bc you are taking photographs? or are they pretty lenient?

    I have a shoot there this Sunday, and just wanted to prepare. Thanks!