Mike + Natalie { Venice Engagement Session }

This has seriously been the week of engagement sessions. Seriously. First, I post two sessions (three including this one) and then on the interwebs I see my most amazing idea ever for an engagement session spread around like peanut butter on toast. It’s not for everyone, but it’s sure tasty to me.  Now I have to find a couple that wants to do this idea for their engagement session…but multiply the awesome by 100. Does that mean a 100 zombies? Maybe.

Anyways, back to Mike and Natalie super cute engagement session in near the Venice Canals. We started near their apartment in, found too many great spots to shoot in…including a birdhouse, then drove over to the Canals. The entire time Mike and Natalie would goof around, and I loved that. I can tell that they have this amazing relationship and complement the other perfectly. They are also absolutely stunning. Mix that with a random chicken walk and we might just become really good friends.

I cant wait for their wedding this November!

I told them to try to stay touching during the entire session…and this is what they got from my advice.

To see more check out the slideshow or watch it below:


p.s. Natalie…I hope you have your 4 photos. 😉

  • Victoria N. said:

    These are beautiful! Especially love the hammock and canal shots.

  • Bethany Ann said:

    These are so awesome! I love their sense of humor - and you captured it so well!!! :)

  • Angelique said:

    OMGASDKFAHSDF!!! I cannot stress how much I LOVE the canals! I love this couple! <3

  • Samantha said:

    WOWOOWOWOWOOW! so so awesome! this is definitely one of my favorite shoots!

  • ardean said:

    my fave: the one of them standing in front of the house, on the mini dock. Great images all around!

  • kalanicut said:

    Candace you found my all-time favorite tree in Venice. I die for that big tree! Super cute photos.