Denise + Randy { Oceanside Wyndham Pier Wedding }

Randy and Denise changed my perception of a wedding day. And it’s the one ceremony where I actually had to wipe tears from my viewfinder. Thank goodness I wear waterproof mascara. F’reals.

This wedding didn’t just bring two people together, but two families. Denise and Randy have been together for years, and both of them had a child from a previous marriage. So it was extremely important that they had their children be a part of the ceremony. They were combining two families into one, stronger family.

Denise’s son vowed to be a good stepson and stepbrother….and Randy’s Daughter did the same. It touched my heartstrings and made me appreciate everything that they had to do to get to that point.

It was a small wedding, but more importantly…it was perfectly them.

I wish you guys the very best, and I hope you know you guys will always have a soft spot in my heart.

Yeah…I had a few tears here….


  • ooh! oo! o! The beach ones are my FAV! I always *always* get all teary at weddings, some more than others, and this one, I can tell, would have had me near blubbering. Just his uniform and the union of families...yep. Tearing up just typing.
    I love this couple and the shots you got of them! Especially the one through the tree leaves, you know I love me some leaves blurred in the foreground! I feel like I am there in the third to last image, the emotion is tangible!

  • Faith Bowyer said:

    Breathtaking! Love these shots. The light is so fantastic and the shots are just so creamy, buttery, sweet and delicious.