Family and catching the bouquet

Last Friday I had 50 of my closest friends and family watch me shoot a wedding. Good thing I didn’t realize this till after the day was over. I might of passed out if I thought about this as I was getting everybody together for family photos.

The reason why I had everybody watching me….A year ago my cousin asked me to shoot her wedding, and within that year I actually became a professional photographer. Last year I helped David Champagne photograph the last wedding in the family, and this time the torch was passed down to me. It just felt right.

Even though I was the one that caught the bouquet (I am the tallest…so it might of not been a fair fight.)…my other cousins are trying to figure out how they can get married in the next year….lol.

Here’s a photo of the girl cousins in the family (with the boys the count is 13)…The cousins are all really close, even though we live all over California. I feel extremely lucky to have the family I do. Growing up we would go camping every few months, and spend weeks in Mexico…. laying out in the sand or throwing water balloons at each other.

Thanks to Niall I was able to be in the photo!


  • Lena Messana said:

    Candice, You look amazing in this photo!

    Shooting for family is definitely intimidating. I feel like mine, are my harshest critic. (Well, the in-laws) I constantly feel that because of this path I am on, that I have to make sure I do extraordinary for them to not hate me. :( Last year I shot my nieces wedding. All eyes were definitely on me! Eventually I pushed on and got over it...

    I love being part of your journey, even if it is only from behind a computer screen! Cannot wait to see the post on this wedding!

  • GORGEOUS group of ladies! How fun to have so many girls! I have a large family but not as many girls, and certainly not that close in age! Weeks in Mexico?!?! Can I be apart of the family, too?? Please oh please??