Are you getting married in Hawaii this July?

I have huge news for you guys.

I’m crazy.

You heard that right, I’m crazy. As I was siting in traffic one day…an idea hit me. It first I thought it was from the mixture of smog and car fumes that fill the LA air…but this idea kept on nagging me. Even when I was in a safe air-conditioned building.

It started off as me just wanting to help a couple. So many amazing things have happened to me this year that I wanted to give a little piece of it back into the world. The idea made my insides happy…but I didn’t know how to implement it.

That’s when realized I’m going to be in the wedding capital of the world in just a few months. July 8-18th I will be in Kauai to spend time with my family and realized I have two weekends and no weddings within those weekends. Hawaii would be the perfect place to give back. And the rest of the time I can work on my Irish tan. 🙂

I contacted Mel from The Oceanside Bride and told her my crazy idea…totally expecting her to give me a mental health check up. But to my surprise she absolutely loved the idea!

To read more about the giveaway, check out The Oceanside Bride!

  • Lauren said:

    You're not crazy--you're just awesome! <3 you! xoxo.

  • Well if crazy means talented, sweet, overall awesome- then YES you are it! ;) So excited to partner on this!

  • Kiera Faye said:

    This is INCREDIBLE! As usual, you are so generous. These couples will be super lucky! You know I'll help promote this...