Denise + Randy { Mt. Baldy Engagement Session }

Denise and Randy are hands down the most sweet, adventurous people I’ve ever had the chance to meet. When we were brainstorming locations for their esession, Denise didn’t bat an eye at the idea of hiking though the forest. And Randy was all for it!

We explored a spot on Mt. Baldy that I have been to a few times in the last year. Between filming a music video and jumping from rock to rock in the river…I have fond memories of this little hidden area. I was so happy to share it with these two!

Even though they have had a rough past, I think that makes them into even better, stronger people. Also, the fact that they found each other though everything just makes my heart even more open to them. I cant wait for their wedding next week, I just know it will be as fun and laid back as our day hiking in the Forrest! (maybe with a few less out-of-breath moments)


  • tim king said:

    Awesome post - seem like great people. Not to get all philosophical, but I *really* like this post because while you might not have intended it - I think there's some symbolism.

    The whole idea of going on a hike - working towards a beautiful view - but *together* the whole's a metaphor. Or maybe I just need to get more sleep.

    OHH! Just thought of another thing - of course! "The moments that take your breath away".

    Haha great post Candice, keep em coming!

  • BEAUTIFULLLLLL. The location rocks, the couple is awesome (love her hair!) and the perspectives are bangin'. Your stuff is mind blowing. Killin' me, Smalls.

  • John Payne said:

    Wow, Candice - those are really gorgeous photos. You perspective is killer. Great shoot as always.

  • lori hensley said:

    Candice! We met at WPPI this year! I'm just getting around to looking at everyone's work that I met and girl.. you got it going on!! I'm so impressed. It was great meeting you this year and hope you plan on going again, next!!

  • He has a bruce willis thing going for him! lol. These two are super adorable - just love your pics!

  • Neil Patel said:

    these are nice images, love your work...