Tam { Death Valley Anytime }

Last thanksgiving, my family spent a week in Death Valley. First off, I love camping. Especially if that camping trip brings me somewhere where I can’t use my phone. I have an addiction to my iphone. (seriously, I spent an hour this morning in a mad panic searching for the darn thing.)

Also, when I’m surrounded by family and friends life just becomes simpler. I find myself dressing to stay warm, eating because I’m hungry, and hiking because I want to see what is around me. I also don’t care that I have camping hair. 🙂

After a day of hiking and visiting Scotty’s Castle, we rushed back to the campsite to get ready and try to beat the sunset. The plan was to go to the salt flats, but on the drive there I knew we wouldn’t make it in time. So on a random stretch of road, we all jumped out of the car used what we could.
Side Note: Since Tam and her family lives in South Lake Tahoe, I’m hoping I can shoot a wedding there this year. 🙂