What should I wear?

Growing up I was never that fashion-forward, but you pick up a few tips working for a fashion college. It also helps when you watch excessive amounts of the Style channel.

Being dolled up makes you feel you a little more ready to work it for the camera. I always recommend my girls to pick out their outfit first, then the guys outfit can be created to complement it. Go crazy. Rock the candy-red 3 inch heels. You will look amazing in them and it will make you body seem longer and leaner.

Wear a bright sold color that complements your skin tone. Black might make someone feel thinner, but it wrecks havoc on a healthy skin color. If you want to wear black, a pencil skirt or dress pants can be a good choice. Just dress up your top half with fun, colorful fabrics. It will also draw the viewer up to your face.

Quality of the fabric and construction also matter in photos. I’m a Target girl myself, but for photoshoots…I’m splurging at Anthropologie. A quality dress is a good investment for photos that will last forever.

Most of all, don’t be afraid of color. Color is your friend, I pinky promise.

Also check out the tips on TLC’s website. Because who doesn’t like to watch What Not to Wear for hours at a time….? Ok, I guess that’s just me.

See how the girls outfit is colorful and the guys outfit is neutral and complementary? Accessories can also give an outfit more pop and give you props to work with while we are shooting.

Hope that helps!